About Carmelo

  • 20+ years of experience in Information Technology
  • 18 years of experience in Information Security
  • 4 Years of Honorable service in the United States Marine Corps
  • CISSP, ITILv3, PCI Professional (more coming soon)

I started computer programming in the early 80s on my Vic-20 and at the computer school where I learned on an Apple IIe. What spurred me in this direction was the Micro Adventure choose your own adventure books, where you were a kid computer genius and the books included small BASIC programs to type out.

I joined the Marine Corps in the early 90s and had an MOS of 6531.



Before I left the Marine Corps, I knew IT was my field and my path would be Information Security before it was a real thing in businesses. In the early nineties, businesses didn’t know much about computers and not everyone had one, and those that did, did not always have Internet. We still had maps and phone books and tape players; video stores were filled with vhs tapes and we mostly had pagers and payphones. I digress, as a person in IT back in the mid-nineties, we did it all! Computer repair, operating systems, backup, networking, database, programming, anti-virus (from infected floppies), etc! If there were laptops at a business, they weighed just under 15 lbs and had tiny screens with either 2 colors or 256 colors. Clearly a different time than now!

My professional experience can be found on LinkedIn. I’m happy with the path I’ve traveled and I’m working to make sure this journey ends well.

I like to spend time with my family and friends; and learn cool cybersecurity related type information, which I try to post to this website to help me better retain it.

Hopefully you find what I post informative. I may post stupid stuff too, sorry/not sorry.



Meeting InfosecĀ Greats!

Brian Krebs Spam Nation Book Signing
Brian Krebs at the Qualys party, RSA 2015
Kevin Mitnick Ghost in the Wires Book Signing
Kevin Mitnick at RSA 2015
Earl and Natalie, two friends who are super passionate about CyberSecurity
James Lyne, RSA Conference 2016
James Lyne at RSA 2016
Dr. Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek at RSA 2016
Dr. Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek at RSA 2016
Jack Jones at RSA 2016
Jack Jones at RSA 2016
Malcolm Harkins! Writer of the book Protect to Enable and
Malcolm Harkins at RSA 2016
Stephen Orfei at the 2016 PCI North America Community Meeting
Stephen Orfei at the 2016 PCI North America Community Meeting