When Less Is More

I had a slightly engaging discussion regarding the scoring of impact, with human life being one of the factors. (Think a negative event with the factors being reputation, financial, property, human life as part of the equation)

What value do we place on ourselves when it’s an injury? Or loss of limb? If… and again, this was just a thoughtful discussion… so not to be taken too seriously, a person is missing a limb… are they worth as much? Does that count as a 1 in a chart where likelihood is one loss in x number of years?

Possibly to an employer, but to the person who lost that limb, they probably value their life even more! They probably mean more to their families who may care for them even more than before!

The discussion can be further taken by looking at the probability of a threat to a grouping of people. Horrific, I’m sure. But the same threat to a hospital with disabled people who may be missing limbs… the value of human loss is magnified. At least in the public eye.