Booked for Nashville TN

It has been many years since I lived in Millington Tennessee, I was stationed at the Naval Air Station there for Ordnance school in 1992. A fresh 18 year old, just gaining independence and I probably could have used a lot more guidance. I rarely got to travel to other parts of Tennessee (financially and mentally, I could have used more guidance!), so I’m excited about it.

I’m going to Nashville for the ISACA GRC Conference and luckily, at the same week, there is the RSA Archer Summit. They are only a couple of blocks away from each other and I have a good feeling that Nashville is beautiful too.

I do enjoy going to conferences and being exposed to new takes on using similar solutions, the “cool” hacking presentation that someone will often do for the neato bit. Networking is nice too. I hope to get a lot of useful information from these. CPE points are nice too!

Worst Passwords of 2017

Every year SplashData analyses passwords leaked by hackers in data breaches. Here is this year’s list:

1. 123456
2. password
3. 12345678
4. qwerty
5. 12345
6. 123456789
7. letmein
8. 1234567
9. football
10. iloveyou
11. admin
12. welcome
13. monkey
14. login
15. abc123
16. starwars
17. 123123
18. dragon
19. passw0rd
20. master
21. hello
22. freedom
23. whatever
24. qazwsx
25. trustno1
26. 654321
27. jordan23
28. harley
29. password1
30. 1234

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers must treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or method of communication. For instance, under these principles, internet service providers are unable to intentionally block, slow down or charge money for specific websites and online content.

Without the Net Neutrality rules, companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon will be able to decide which websites, content and applications succeed.


Next time you get sent a scam email FORWARD it [email protected], created by Netsafe as a sophisticated A.I. email program to keep bad guys busy.

The A.I. will reply to the bad guys with conversation and keep them busy until they realize that they aren’t going anywhere. When the conversation is over, re:scam will email you a copy of the chain so you can get a good laugh at the exchange the A.I. and the bad guys had. This is security awareness!

The video is kind of creepy, but fun at the same time.

Facebook Photo Analysis

I was having some connectivity issues at the hotel I was staying at recently, while I was checking out how many likes I got on my photos in my post on Facebook. Some pictures weren’t loading and I was shocked… (maybe not that shocked) to see that the tech behind the uploader analyzes the photos and writes the metadata descriptions of what the photo is or maybe about.